You are on your way to start a FREE workshop ‘MILLIONAIRE FROM 0’ on creating playful sales system which will teach you to sell your product or service in Instagram to cold audience and earn 30.000$ since the very 1st month of sales.
- Without webinars, phone calls, constant content-making or audience warm-up
- Without team or sales department
- Without programming skills
- Wants to start earning on Instagram with their knowledge, skills or just hobby

- Wants to scale existing sales

- Wants to automate the process of selling a product, being a producer with many experts or running online courses platform/school

This sales system is good for those who:
- Not many followers
- Little ads budget
- No technical skills or a team of specialists
- No product for now

This automated system allows you to start making sales on Instagram even if you have:
- Automatization
- High returns on investments in ads (5-20x)
- Simplicity
- My guidance in elaborating unique product or improving yours existing one

This system works due to:

you will focus on your product or mission or just doing what you love while it will automatically work for you
The zest of this workshop that will save you months of tries and faults
Strong selling scenario
Even if you do not have one now, we will work on it
Demanded product
I will give you the SECRET FORMULA of how to put clients on a hook
Catchy and involving offer
this automated sales system gives tangible results and has 500-2000% payback from ads if all 4 key elements work properly and give synergistic effect:
Each element will be considered in 4 lessons of the FREE workshop.

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  • Patrick Stevens
    Niche: Promotion of Psychiatrist Services
    Profit Per Month: 42.000$
    Ads budget: 2.500$
    ROMI: 1680%

    Start Selling Psychiatrist Sessions For 5.000$ Per Month Online
    Even If Now You Do Not Understand Your Competitive Professional Advantages
    Without Personal Brand and Base of Followers
    With Simple Implementation Of A 3-Step Strategy
  • Elizabeth Parker
    Niche: Training of Speech Therapists
    Profit Per Month: 32.000$
    Ads budget: 1700$
    ROMI: 1882%

    Become A Demanded Speech Therapist With Monthly Income From 3.000$
    With a Simple Speech Triggering Algorithm.
    Can be Implemented to Children With Different Diagnostics And Disorders.
    10 Common Mistakes of Online Speech Therapist.
  • Agatha Chesters
    Niche: Sales on Telegram
    Profit Per Month: 23.000$
    Ads budget: 900$
    ROMI: 2550%

    Make Telegram A New Channel For Your Sales And Triple Your Income Without Raising Ads Budget.
    Top Secrets Of Successfully Selling Telegram Channels.
    9 Working Methods To Attract Clients To Telegram Channels For Free.
    A Unique Script To Sell Through Chat In Telegram
do the same with your product or idea
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First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Constantine.

I am founder and CEO of VIRTUS.DIGITAL - Digital Marketing Boutique Agency.
I am here to find highly motivated individuals in whom I will invest my time and knowledge.
With whom we will build prominent products and sell them with 7-figure profits.
Now I am giving my knowledge and experience to you for free. And expect you to give your time and efforts.

with the most involved of you, we will continue our cooperation after the workshop.
From viewing this site, you have 24 hours to contact me and initiate our acquaintance.
There is a saying: if you did not start doing anything for 24 hours, you would never do it. So consider this point as my help to your self-organization.
After our acquaintance I will give you the first lesson with a task.
You will have 24 hours to study, complete it and send results to me.
The same will be done to lessons 2, 3 and 4 – you will have 24 hours to study and complete each.
It is called intensive for a reason, ok?
It cost me 3.000$ some time ago. No matter if we proceed to work together after the workshop or not, you will get it.
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