How to create a money-making scenario that will make any cold client hot as Tabasco sauce.
You have already learnt the basics of creating demanded product and formulating strong offer.

As you remember...
We have 4 key elements of this sales system:
1. Product (which idea you have already formulated)
2. Offer – promise you are selling to your clients
3. Scenario - conversion of cold client into hot ones
4. Automatization

Now let’s proceed to the main part of this workshop – SCENARIO.

Who is a cold client? He does not feel any emotions about you and your product.
No trust.

To make such client to buy your product you need him to become hot.
Loyal, trustful, understanding, ready to buy and send money fast.

To achieve this goal, you need him to feel tangible benefits from your product.

So point A is cold client. We need to bring him to point B – hot one. This scenario is the best thing which can do it.
The way of a client:
First, let’s consider stages that a client goes through on his way from cold to hot consumer.
1. Apathy, indifference
it is ok for every clinet who does not know you – these people do not buy – if you want to sell to them, it would be a mistake, you will have no sales
2. Interest
a client starts feeling interest because of your ads, creatives and offer, which 'promise to solve a client's pain'. It gets a client hooked.
3. Consideration
a client clicks on your ad and starts considering your offer with more details delving into your product/methodology/its effectiveness
4. Fitting
after first consideration a client agrees to try a free/light/cheap version of your product to decide if your methods fit him/ his lifestyle/ abilities
5. Comparison/ Choice
a client ready to buy a main product but needs to be sure that you are the best option – he compares your product with other options in the market - you should tell why you are the best
6. Buy/ Loyalty
a client buys your product, enjoys it and becomes loyal, buys it again and again (only in case if you sell good product, of course)
Your aim is to prepare the right scenario to take clients gradually through all stages. And now I give you the best version of it.

If you miss any stage, you will not have systematical sales.

Many producers spend months to make the right scenario. When I was consulting their products, I saw that they just wasted time and their scenarios were trash.

I will save you months and just give you a secret sauce that will make your scenario better than 99% of your competitors have. That is why no matter what you sell, you will always beat your competitors.

Today you will create a base of effective scenario for your sales.
Many experts and producers cannot achieve this for weeks and months in pains.

You are welcome.
The main secret is that a paid product should be a logical continuation of a free product.

As I said before, your product is a transformation that you give to your client.

Start a client’s transformation for free, make him feel the benefits of the transformation. Do not give just a theory, give him the 1st part of practice, make him love your product/transformation, make him loyal. Bring him through all the stages written above.

This method will work always at any time because people catch insights and feelings of delight from the results you give them for free/cheap.

Scenario Sample of a free product:
Lesson 1 – 1st step on the way of achieving the final goal that you promise.

Lesson 2 – 2nd step of the transformation that you offer and most common mistakes in this sphere.

Lesson 3 – 3rd step and unique information (secret sauce) that nobody knows.
Lesson 4 – Main offer of your paid product. Key promise.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Somebody sells services on creating Instagram Reels for 5$.

A traditional offer of such service looks like:
‘I am making Instagram Reels for 5$’

Not interesting, right?
Extremely boring.

What should this seller do?

He knows how to create catchy Reels. But he does not know how to pack a decent product and how to sell it. Moreover, he always needs to find new clients in a highly competitive market and sell a product with a low check.

With this automated sales system he can create a unique product and increase sales x20 times.

How? You already know it from these lessons.
Let’s look into the system step-by-step.

First, he should attract cold and suspicious clients with a catchy offer.

Let's create an offer with formula I gave in the previous lesson.


- Without paid editor platforms

- No need of designing or drawing skills

+ 10-20 min spent on one Reels creation

+ Your Reels will always go to Recommendations


Do you see what we do here? We have made a strong offer with a precise promise saying:

'If you click on my offer, then for 7 days you will learn extremely useful information on creating Reels in Instagram without spending money on special programs, you will cope with it even if you did not design or draw anything before and, as a result, you have a lot of followers and trendy Reels in recommendations. An all of it FOR FREE!'

We work with a client's most likely objections, fears and desires from the very first moment of communication with him (with our advertising).

The difference from the offer 'I make Reels for 5$' is obvious, right?

Now his cold clients are interested and ready to try the free product.

Next step is to bring clients through all stages of their transformation from cold and suspicious customers to hot and loyal clients with the help of scenario and free product:

Free product:
Lesson 1 – Free platforms to use to make your Reels look professional even if you do not possess designing skills
Lesson 2 – Top 5 trendy effects to use in your Instagram
Lesson 3 – Common mistakes in putting text on the video
Lesson 4 – Get the 7-day full course of creating trendy catchy Reels to flood your Instagram with new followers

Now, when clients love a seller for qualitative information that he provides for free, they want to cooperate with him further.

On this stage he proposes options of paid products. Here is where the seller earns.

For example, his product list may look as follows:

1. Full course of making catchy Reels for 400$

2. Creation of a pack of 10 Reels for 200$

3. Month of cooperation in any content-making for 300$

So the seller gives customer a choice:

- They can continue to buy his services in content-making (and they will do it with high check because now they are loyal and trustful).

- They can learn how to do it themselves with a full paid course.

That’s it. Average check is 300$. 100 sales per month – 30.000$ profit.

You can achieve the same with your product.
Here is another important issue.

Prepare tasks and homework!
And proceed working only with those who complete them.

You will spend time and efforts while preparing a product and you need clients that are motivated. Do not spend time on those who do not want to be in dialogue with you and do not take steps to start the transformation.

Or who are just simply dump and cannot understand what to do.

Tasks are a tool to check who will move with you further.

I made experiments. And my students made too. We tried to continue free lessons with those who did not complete tasks. Results were always the same – main product was bought only by people who completed tasks.

Your comfort is pretty much important for the whole success. Save yourself from burnout. Do not try to sell to those who are not involved.

Moreover, it is just psychology. The more a person put his effort and time in your free product, the more loyal he becomes and the more he wants to buy a paid product.
How to make a proper task?

You should understand your client. You should know every piece of information needed to answer truthfully whether you can help him or not.

What is his situation right now? At what stage is he? What are the problems? Why can you help exactly in his situation?

Example of tasks:

Task 1. Who are they and what are their problems that you can help to solve?

Task 2. Practice. Let them have the first achievement on the way to final goal that you promise.

Task 3. Practice. Another step of transformation that your product gives.

Task 4. Let them decide on the preferred option of the paid product.

Preparing topics for lessons and tasks is the most difficult moment.

Please turn off your inner perfectionist for this moment. Do not think it over for hundreds of years. For now, just write what you think. Anyway, you will change it thousand times while creating the final product. Trust me. Write what comes first to mind.

Since completing this homework you will be ahead of most experts and competitors in your sphere. Most of them do not know how to sell properly a product like yours. And no one else (except from my other students) knows the secrets of this system.

Remember. Best mentorship – best results. You will do the same with your customers!

Next lesson I tell you how to automatize the sales process and we can start working together for your making 30.000$ for the first 30 days of sales.
For today your HOMEWORK is:
1. Create 4 topics of your lessons for your free product.
2. Create tasks for each lesson that will help participants to start going through transformation you promise.
If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram