You are starting the workshop ‘MILLIONNAIRE FROM 0’ on creating playful sales system which will teach you to sell your product or service on Instagram to cold audience and earn 30.000$ since the very 1st month of sales.

  • Without webinars, phone calls or audience warm-up
  • Without sales department or team of specialists
  • Without programming skills
This workshop consists of 4 lessons and 3 homeworks, after which you will know how to sale your product in Instagram to cold audience and earn 500-2000% returns from ads budget.

The results of your homeworks are to lay the foundation of your offer and product that you will sell on Instagram.
So you are going to lay the first brick of your 30.000$ income even today after this lesson!
Now let’s move to the core of this workshop – automated playful sales system.

This sales system is good for those who:

  • Wants to start earning on Instagram on the base of their hobby or knowledge and skills
  • Wants to scale existing sales
  • Wants to automatize the process of selling product if you are a producer with many experts or run online courses platform/school

This model is good for simply any product:

  • Courses and mentorship
  • Group or personal coaching
  • Luxury services and goods
  • Soft and Programs
  • Clubs and subscriptions
  • E-commerce
  • Many others

This system can be described as a conveyor that takes cold clients, leads them through 4 stages and makes them hot and ready to buy.

For those who do not know the difference between cold and hot clients.
Cold clients are not familiar with you, your product or brand, they do not trust you and do not even know whether they need what you sell. They are distrustful and suspicious. It is impossible to sell them anything. But they have two great advantages, which are the reason why we work with them.
  1. They are easy to find
  2. They are cheap

The problem is to make them hot.
In other words, trustful, loyal, understanding and wanting your product, willing to buy it.
My system consists of 4 components:
  1. Your mental state and trust in success
  2. Your product
  3. Your offer

This zest of this system is a special scenario of communication with your cold client which makes him a hot customer.
And it works so well that my students promise to pray for me for the rest of their lives.
Once your scenario is ready
you will be able to focus and concentrate on product/service delivery and its constant improvement. In other words, on your mission, doing what you love because your sales process will look the following way:
Advertisement (outsourced)
Cold client
Input Into Scenario
Magic of This Sales System
Output From Scenario
Hot Client
Product/ Service Delivery
Client Loyalty
Double Sale

I will give you all information on how to create such scenario in Lesson 3. There is no sense in making scenario while you have some objections, you do not have an idea of your product and your offer is not ready.

So, the agenda of this free 4-lesson workshop will look as follows:

  • 5 psychological attitudes preventing you from earning 7-figure sums in Instagram
  • Creating your unique product
  • Formulation of armor-piercing, selling offer
  • Writing ice-melting scenario
  • Setting automatization of selling process


Then I will proceed working personally with the most responsible and involved of you.
Talking of today’s issue.

We are all afraid of something. Our brain creates thousands of excuses of our procrastination. I can even tell you another side of this problem. When you reach first results like 100.000$, you will think ‘Oh, now it is everything ok in my life, I can go to the beach club for Mojitos’. It really needs making effort to pull yourself together to ‘keep work discipline’.

As for me, I have a great psychologist that I pay 500$ per hour but he really helps me to overcome all uncertainties and fears in my head.

Here I want to discuss the top of my past fears and the conclusions that I have made from real practice.
Top 5 mental attitudes blocking your sales on 30.000$ per month on Instagram
  • 1
    'I need to have a lot of followers. No one will buy without them'
    This is not true. You can work with colds clients coming from ads. Without warm-ups. Without base of followers. As you remember, you saw my ad and went to the site. Instagram is just a platform where you chat with your customers. And here is the first mental trick – your customers watch your lifestyle getting to know your personality, which makes them feeling like being friends of yours. It makes them more loyal to you and consequently to your product. Personally, I run my IG with a lifestyle without sales (at least for now), there is little expert or sales information there. So there is no need for big base of followers and warming them with constant frustrating selling content. Leave sales part to the automated scenario.
  • 2
    'It is too hard to settle all technical moments of online selling'
    The truth is there are dozens of ways to create your content: landings, websites, long reads on livejournal, Youtube videos, special online courses platforms. It totally depends on your preferences. The simplest way is to prepare all info as long-reads with pictures in livejournal. Start with the first sales, earn first money and order a freelancer to make you a few-page website for 300$. You chat with customers in IG. Trust me, even my grandma can cope with every technical effort needed for this model. You can tell any child to do it as well. As for me, I believe in the power of text.
  • 3
    'I need a large team of producers, technical specialists, sales departments, designers, videographers etc.'
    No, I mean, of course, you can hire all of them if you want, but there is no need. I work alone and have several trusted freelances to run things on outsourcing.
  • 4
    'I am afraid of calling clients, holding webinars, broadcasts, diagnostics or live meetings'
    It is not necessary. Especially when you call, you burn out because you repeat like a parrot the same thing in a circle. Prepare everything once and send it to people many times. Of course, you will make corrections on the start to improve your materials. And when it is pretty much ready, you will concentrate on product delivery improvements or just enjoying your life.
  • 5
    'I need a big advertising budget'
    Not at all. The effectiveness of this system allows you to spend extremely little budget on ads due to two main reasons: cheap cold leads, high conversion of cold clients into hot leads and thus many sales. This model helps to earn x5-20 from ads budget, so you can start with really little sum like 100$ to test it.
The fact is that for the 1st month you can
  • earn more than 30.000$
  • with ads budget less 2.000$
  • without social media content making
  • without webinar and phone calls
  • without sales department
  • without team
  • doing simple tasks
1 of 4 essential parts of this automated sales system
  • -1-
    You are an expert
    The simplest thing is to sell online your services if you are a good (or even certified experienced) specialist in something or sell your courses/coaching/mentorship if you are a real expert.
    No matter how narrow your sphere is. I has just helped my student to pack online courses for obstetrician gynecologists. Really. And it went well. Any issue has its audience. Especially in Facebook. You hook it. Put into scenario and sell your product.
  • -2-
    You have a hobby you are good at
    If you do not know the sphere in what you want to develop yet, monetize your hobby: sports, parties, gardening, cooking or thousands of other options. The market of online cooking courses, for instance, counts billions of dollars with hundred thousand of clients. Make money on what you love. What could be more joyful?
  • -3-
    You have a dream to start learning something new
    Another option is start exploring a new sphere for you and propose others to do it with you. It will sound like ‘How I studied to play piano for one month on my own’. It sends a message like ‘I did and you will with my help and experience’. Many people think that playing piano is too difficult and are not inspired with virtuoso piano tutors who devoted their lives to this thing. But when they see somebody who did it for one month, they are put on fire and want the same results. And you will have motivation and no way back from developing yourself in something you wanted to start doing for a long time. And of course, you will make money on it. Perfect right?
Ideal product construction for online sales is a real art which many producers fail to achieve for years. So do not try to make perfect course right now. We will go deep into it with whom we will cooperate after this intensive workshop. I will share all my experience for the ideal demanded offer construction for you to save money and avoid months of mistakes in this process.

For now, just formulate what your online product is.

  1. What product or service are you currently selling, for what price and how much do you earn per month? If you do not have a product yet what would you like it to be? How much do you think it could cost and why?
  2. If you have product and sales: how do you attract customers, lead them to the first and repeated purchases? If there is no product just imagine and suggest how you would do it.
  3. What difficulties do (will) you face in customer acquisition and sales?
  4. Why are you studying this workshop? Why did you decide to take it, and what result do you strive to achieve in the next 2 months of your study and work?
If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram